Welcome to Lost Seoul. Welcome to a city that inhabits over 10 million citizens as well as an abundance of daily tourists and visitors. Unknown to most, there is a violent war occurring in the deep of nights. Known only to the police as Lost Seoul or The Underground, two gangs fight to the death on a daily basis. Please register an OOC account in proper caps. example: Hyuna
seoul, sk. nov 2014.
j. jusa
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hey guys! our members have seen this coming. lost seoul is now offline. don't fret though! we are currently in the process of creating lost seoul 2.0 aka LSV2, a revamp of our current site. members still have the ability to log onto the site and continue posting if they wish but we will now be closed for new members.

we highly suggest new and old members to check out our new tumblr here. we suggest following or at least bookmarking! we'll be sharing some inspiration for the revamp site but also updates on progress and previews for the new site!

we do apologize to anyone who was hoping to join us here. please feel free to continue to chat in our box below until the new site is open! if you have any questions about the new site, you're more than welcome to ask us on our tumblr. we'll see you soon guys <3

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We're currently switching our cbox over to the new site! You can still access the chat through here! See you over at LSV2~!

below is the site tagbox. if you have a reply for someone and want to notify them, you can post in this box with a link to the thread. you can also tag others if you post in their plot pages and want ads. please do not spam the box with multiple notifications for the same post. please use the box on the left for chatting. - LS Admins

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